A Retrospective of Our Post-Adoption Pottery Event

20th Jun, 2023

At Family Care Adoption Services, we are passionate about creating meaningful experiences for adoptive families. Looking back on one of our most cherished events, the Post-Adoption Pottery Event, we are filled with joy and gratitude!


The event kicked off with an explosion of creativity as children and parents eagerly picked up their paintbrushes and brought their imaginations to life on the blank pottery canvas. From delicate brush strokes to bold splashes of colour, every piece of pottery reflected the unique personalities and artistic expressions of each family member. The shared experience of creating art not only strengthened familial bonds but also fostered a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Our Post-Adoption Pottery Event was a celebration of unity and shared experiences. Families came together, forming connections that transcended their individual adoption journeys. The event provided a safe and inclusive space for adoptive parents to exchange stories, offer support and learn from one another. As laughter filled the air and conversations flowed freely, it was evident that the event has become a catalyst for lifelong friendships. These connections extended beyond the event itself, creating a strong network of support for adoptive families in their ongoing journey of parenthood.


Our Post-Adoption Pottery Event was a resounding success, and at Family Care we are committed to continuing to organise events that celebrate the strength and resilience of adoptive families, providing spaces where friendships can flourish. Together, we can create a community that supports, uplifts, and cherishes the unique journey of adoption.


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