Mission Statement

Family Care Adoption Services is a Specialist Regional Adoption Agency based in Belfast and our Mission is threefold:.

To meet the needs of the most vulnerable children from care by providing permanent and secure new families through Adoption

To provide ongoing support and advice to these children and their families through our Adoption support service, for as long as it is needed

To offer a research, counselling and support service to adults raised in Adoption or Care at the point of need; and to birth families seeking information

We have been working throughout Northern Ireland since we opened in 1969, placing children across the Province with new families and working with adults affected by Adoption.

We believe that every child has the right to family life and we are committed to helping children to achieve this through adoption. At Family Care Adoption Services we promise to be there to support adoptive families for as long as we are needed.

We are registered by the Regulation & Improvement Authority for Northern Ireland, and have a team of Social Workers and Family Support Workers working throughout Northern Ireland

Family care Adoption Services staff are experienced in all areas of Adoption, Concurrency and Post Adoption work, and we also provide a Big Lottery funded Life Story Project for Adopted children and children raised in Care.

In addition, Family Care are involved in providing a counselling, support and contact service to birth family members who have lost a child to Adoption in association with a partner Agency, Adoption Routes

Whether you are interested in becoming an Adoptive family, accessing our Adoption Support Services, or are an Adopted or Post Care Adult, we will be with you throughout your journey and are waiting to hear from you!


Support & Advice

If you would like any information regarding any of the post adoptive services and support we can provide, please get in touch via phone or email.

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    Every Child Deserves a Family Life

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