Adventures Await: Family Care Adoption Services Fun-filled Day at the Jungle

3rd Aug, 2023

At Family Care Adoption Services, we were delighted to host a post adoption family day at the Jungle NI. Despite the less-than-perfect weather, our spirits remained undampened as we embarked on a day full of adventure!


The primary objective of our post adoption gatherings is to provide families with the opportunity to establish meaning bonds amongst themselves. The event featured a variety of engaging activities, including archery, bungee trampolines, indoor rock climbing, pedalo boat rides, a quad train, and a rodeo bull. These activities were selected to encourage interactions and promote a sense of togetherness and camaraderie in children and parents alike.


Upon arrival, the families were warmly welcome and invited to participate in the planned activities. Children, brimming with anticipation, eagerly explored the diversions, engaging in archery and delighting in bungee trampolines. The indoor rock-climbing wall presented a test of skill and determination and the rain thankfully eased to allow shared experiences on the pedalo boats and quad train ride. The rodeo bull, though challenging, was a source of amusement for both children and adults!


Throughout the day, moments of laughter and encouragement resonated across the venue and in quieter venues, families congregated over a delicious lunch to converse, sharing stories and insights related to their adoption experiences. The occasion facilitated a natural bond among the families, drawing on their common journey of parenthood.


At Family Care, events like these reinforce the significant need for connections within a supportive community of families. This event highlighted our agency’s commitment to fostering a nurturing, open and friendly environment, ensuring that the families are provided with opportunities to share in the joys and challenges of their family journey’s.


We would like to thank families who attended our event for their presence and for being an integral part of our community here at Family Care!


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