Child Protection Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy  

As a regional Social Work Service Family Care Adoption Services has a duty to safeguard the well being of all children with whom staff members come into contact through its core, project or other associated work.

  • Family Care Adoption Services will prioritise the best interests, safety and well being of children, and the needs and protection of children will be its paramount consideration


  • All Social Work & Project Work Staff employed by Family Care will undertake an enhanced Access NI check and be registered with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council.


  • All Staff will undertake appropriate Child Protection training.


  • Family Care staff and management will adhere to the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland Procedures Manual published in May 2018 (Replacing Area Child Protection Committees Regional Policies and Procedures published in 2005).


All Family Care staff should be aware of their duty of care to children, and their responsibility to ensure that any allegation, concern or incident regarding the protection of children which comes to their attention must be forwarded to the local Social Care Trust Child Protection Service via the following pathway.

  • If at any time a member of Family Care Adoption Services staff have a child protection concern or become aware of an incident or allegation, this should be immediately brought to the attention of their Line Manager or the CEO.


  • The Family Care Manager will then contact the Trust which has responsibility for the child or in whose area the child resides.


  • Family Care staff will co-operate fully with Trust personnel and procedures in relation to the child protection concern.


  • If necessary, advice will sought from an appropriate Legal Adviser.

If there is a clear and immediate risk of harm, or a crime is alleged or suspected, the matter should be referred directly to the HSC Trust Adult Protection Gateway Service or if necessary to the PSNI.

HSC Trust Safeguarding Contact Details

HSC Trust Child Protection Contact Details

Belfast Trust                                         028 9050 7000

Northern Trust                                      0300 1234 333

Western Trust                                       028 7131 4090

South Eastern Trust                              0300 1000 300

Southern Trust                                      0800 7837 745

HSC Trust Adult Safeguarding Contact Details

Belfast Trust                                         028 9504 1744

Northern Trust                                      028 2563 5512

Western Trust                                       028 7161 1366

South Eastern Trust                              028 9250 1227

Southern Trust                                      028 3741 2015/2354

Regional Emergency Social Work Service (RESWS)

Mon-Fri 5pm-9am + Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays

Tel:                                             028 9504 9999

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