24th Jun, 2019

We are delighted to announce that the NATIONAL LOTTERY COMMUNITY FUND has funded Family Care to host a new LIFE STORY PROJECT for a five year period beginning APRIL 2019. 

Life Story Project Workers will work directly with Young People across Northern Ireland aged 11-22 who are in Care, have left Care or who have been Adopted and who have unanswered questions about their past.

The Project will help them to explore their earlier experiences both positive and negative, fill in the gaps in their personal history and gain a clear understanding of their own past.

Project Workers will help these young people to construct a coherent and accessible account of their journey to the present day and create a personal and individual Life Story Book as a record of the work undertaken.

Our Project Workers are looking forward to providing this essential service to young people right across Northern Ireland, and we would like to sincerely thank the National Lottery Community Fund for supporting this innovative Project.


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