Right now there are more children waiting to be adopted than there are families approved to adopt

11th May, 2017

Right now there are more children waiting to be adopted than there are families approved to adopt.

More children are waiting for a new family than there are families waiting for a child to be placed with them

In particular, children aged 4 or above and children who need to be placed with a brother or sister wait longer to be adopted than any other children.

Adoptive families here in Northern Ireland have always had a strong history of offering these children permanent, loving and secure homes; recognising that all young children need a family of their own, not just babies and toddlers, and that many children need to stay together with a sibling-or even two!

Family Care Adoption Services is proud of its own history in finding ‘forever families’ for all children in need of a new start; babies and toddlers, pre-school and just started school, individual youngsters and those with brothers and sisters.

Many children are out there right now waiting for their own ‘forever families’ and we at Family Care Adoption Services will welcome enquiries from anyone interested in Adoption or in Concurrent Caring across Northern Ireland

Our experienced Social Work staff can offer you an immediate informative response, a thorough professional assessment, the opportunity to be matched with a child/children who fits your family, and a long term supportive relationship for as long as we are needed.

If you are interested in Adoption or Concurrent Caring or would like more information,

Please get in touch with us- We are waiting to hear from you!

Support & Advice

If you would like any information regarding any of the post adoptive services and support we can provide, please get in touch via phone or email.

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